Tbilisi (Georgia) – 18, 19 October
Beirut (Lebanon) – 20, 21 October
Amman (Jordan) – 23, 24 October
Cairo (Egypt) – 25, 26 October
Dubai (UAE) – 27, 30 October
Abu Dhabi (UAE) – 31 October
Manama (Bahrain) – 1, 2 November
Kuwait City (Kuwait) – 3 November (*)

High school visits & University Fairs

8 cities $7,000
6 – 7 cities $6,000
4 – 5 cities $5,000
Per city option – high school visits AND university fair $1,500
Per city option – high school visits OR university fair $1,000


(*) University Fair Kuwait – available only to universities accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of Kuwait. List of universities accredited in USAUKother countries.

15% off for universities that have previously participated in Gulf EDU Tours events
 How to register? Fall 2016 registration form
 Number of high school visits  Approx. 3 high school visits per day
 Minimum number of participants  8 universities per city

Maximum number of participants

20-25 universities per city (high school visits)

35 universities per city (evening university fairs)

 Price includes Transport within cities, visits to high schools, evening university fairs, advertising in the catalogue to be distributed to all attendees to evening university fairs. All airport shuttles except 1st transfer (after landing from country of origin) and last one (flying back home) are included for participants that stay in the suggested hotels and take the suggested flights.
 Price does not include Flights, hotels, meals, visas and medical insurance are responsibility of the tour participants and should be arranged by them. 1st transfer from airport to the hotel (after landing from country of origin) and the last airport shuttle (flying back home) 

Cannot join our events but would like to be part of them? Advertise in the Fall 2016 University Catalogue. Click here to download the Advertising Kit